Voice Thread

Here is my voicethread: http://voicethread.com/share/2499494/


2 comments on “Voice Thread

  1. Great voice thread! I liked the topic you chose. I think that you are right that kids absolutely need to be involved in their school decision making. When they do get the opportunity to be involved, they enjoy school and learning much more. They are truly a part of their school by contributing. I like your idea of surveys. My school has a student school board. This board is made up of very diverse students in every aspect; age, race, ethnicity, gender, etc. They meet with a board of our two principles, school success teacher, and two general education teachers once a month and school issues are discussed. They take back suggestions and there are a lot of surveys that are conducted to get the feedback from the student body. It actually works quite well. The kids really enjoy being such a big part of their school.

  2. Brett,

    Great job on your voice thread! I definitely agree with you when it comes to letting students have some input on different subjects. Right now my high school is currently working on dress code. The high school is 3,000 students and the dress code isn’t all that bad, but some things that the girls where can be distracting to other students. I always tell my colleagues if I ever have a daughter I will be checking up on her at school. The last dress code committee meeting we discussed letting the students have some input and we put a survey together. Can’t wait to see some of the sugestions.

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