Evaluation of Partnership for 21st Century Skills

I am impressed overall with the mission and framework outlined on the “P21.org” website.  I could not find much that I could not agree with however I noticed that items listed under “21st Century Support Systems” are not all realistic give todays current financial situation and how this has affected many schools.  The item Allow equitable access to quality learning tools, technologies and resources sounds like a great idea but how do school districts make this happen?  True there are state and federal grants out there for just about anything these days but allowing equitable access to any educational resources seems to be a definite challenge faced by educators and school leaders.  One criticism I have on the information I found that relates to my state and “Route 21” is that it is four years old.  That’s like 20 years in terms of  technology change.  My state needs to get updated info. on the current status of this program.


3 comments on “Evaluation of Partnership for 21st Century Skills

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  2. Impressive! I actually went back to reread some items on the website because I did not catch what your thoughts did from the website. How do you plan to incorporate 21st-century skills within your content area?


  3. I use a lot of these skills in my teaching. My students do a lot with 21st Century technology tools to collaborate on different topics– slideshows, google docs (script writing), iMovie editing, podcasts, etc. I have found that some tools and apps can simplify tasks to get them deeper into creative and collaborative tasks. I also do a lot with digital citizenship and copyright guidelines so that the students understand that they need to be responsible and safe contributors to the www.

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